Multiplex Challenges: Decision and Alternatives


PVR INOX, Cinépolis, Waves and other multiplex do make an impact in leading the world of cinema. Like they have shut down most of single-screens and not just massy movies or giant players can stay stand tall. They all working together makes a wide impact that shows how to mix and manage all the people who like to watch the content. It shows how the Indians go to just these cinema and pay a lot of money in F&B. And this is why people try to bring the food in when it is not allowed to do so.

Need an alternative

See seats and all are one-time investment and hence, there has be a line that can work for all. This allows a person to move ahead and set best lines possible. This way, they can make the number in pop corn and drink down with other food items. Also, they can do tie-ups with other banks for giving offers and all. This way they do not have to pay any discount and overall this can make things go down to a decent level.

Most of Viewer uses torrent and pirated platform to watch theses some of the most popular example are MoviesMp4, Bflix. OSEE.IN, and others. below we have also disscussed some of legal and illegal platform to watch movies, Web series, TV shows and lastly anime.

  • Pikashow
  • NetFlix
  • ULLU
  • Extramovies
  • Dailymotion and much more

It shows a lot about killing the market. The only drawback would be if others make the rate low, then it can make an impact. But with the rise of population and love to see movies are still active, the chances of rise is indeed there. This is why a person has to work in deep level for making sure that it can bring the best of results.

This is why there is a need of coming up with plans for existing comers. Otherwise, there can be a huge dragon and against them, things can be very hard to mix and manage in detail. This is what things needed at the best.

Supreme Court Taking Decision   

There is a case in India pending where the legal battle is going on to make sure that people should be allowed to bring food in. It does not seem that general public would win the case. But it happens even to the nearest levels, there is a chance of these cinemas going bankrupt.

But the lobby and points of multiples are solid, so the chances of this happening can go down. This tells the fact about telling things to the next level and making them work for the good. Hence, one can see that things can be tricky if they keep on doing this.

Final Word

Jio came in the market and it did help the telecom sector to reduce the rates and make the plans work well. In a similar nature, multiplex has to work in a fantastic level. This is what it is all about to bring something new. And this business there is no need to burn the cash. So by mixing and managing things, one can see the best results coming in for the good reasons. So taking things ahead would shine at the creative level and make it work in the shines level. 

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