What might happen to Florida in 2025?

Florida Earthquake

A video that allegedly featured Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant makes a terrifying and particular prediction about an impending event that will allegedly occur in Miami, Florida, which was uploaded to TikTok in May 2021.

The question “what might happen to Florida in 2025?” is posted on TikTok by Jon Buckhouse to his Alexa-enabled device in the video, which has received over 16 million views. The next response from Alexa is as follows: “On 4 September 2025, at 3:08 PM, Florida will be struck by a Major hurricane of category 5 with winds as high as 205 mph. Miami will be devastated entirely.

A few of Alexa’s forecasts about the impending doom of the Planet are accurate.

When Buckhouse asked Alexa what would happen to California in 2025, she answered that the western coast state will experience a 9.6 magnitude earthquake on 4 August 2025, at 3:05 PM, when the San Andreas fault shifts. She went on, claiming that the death toll might be in the millions.

Similarly, the smart device predicts that Texas will be hit by a massive snowstorm with temperatures dropping below zero on December 26 at 4:03 p.m.

According to science, a portion of Florida could be submerged in water by 2025.

According to a 2015 report published in the Journal Proceedings of The National Academy of Sciences, both Hollywood, California, and Miami, Florida will be underwater by 2025. According to CBS Miami, scientists examined the rate at which carbon output was increasing as well as the extent to which sea levels were continuing to rise. They think that New York will be covered in water by 2095, and that sea levels will be 14 feet higher by 2100, compared to where they were in 2015.

Although it has not yet been confirmed that Alexa’s claim about the weather patterns of Florida is true, there is real proof that Miami could be sunk by that year… though we certainly hope that is not the case. If we want to reduce extreme weather patterns and global warming, this could be a good sign that we need to begin creating more modifications to our unsustainable lifestyles.

According to the study, there would be enough sea level rise due to carbon emissions to completely flood about 20 – 30 million American homes. While it is already too late to save Miami and other South Florida cities, significant carbon reductions could save about 50 percent of the threatened cities. It would require a significant reduction in carbon emissions for atmospheric carbon levels to peak in 2020 or five years from now.


What might happen to Florida?

Florida can sink into the water by 2025.

Which TikTok account posted a question about Florida?

Jon Buckhouse.

How much view on the question “what might happen to Florida in 2025?”

16 million views.

How much will the speed of hurricanes in Florida be by 2025?

205 mph.

Why will Florida be submerged in water by 2025?

Excess of carbon emissions.