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Technology Enabled Community Health Operation is an expansion of teho+ a web and mobile-based application, especially for frontline health workers. Having to download the frontline health workers can enhance the coverage and quality of child and maternal services. It includes various features. Read additionally to understand more about this application.

What is a techo app?

The Health and Family Welfare Department of Gujarat has implemented Techo+ to address the state’s priority health issues. This program predicts replacing the existing state child and mother tracking system. It is based on mobile technology for community health operations. It is not only to improve the coverage of mother and newborn care packages, preventing malnutrition, but also it is cost-effective. 

Various features of techno download

There are various features provided by teho+ download, like providing a daily work plan that enables community–based health workers to track the beneficiaries for the most critical healthcare services. It helps health workers to give timely help at the same time, appropriate service based on the risk factors as it alerts for high-risk cases. Thus, it assures that the service is delivered timely. 

The unique thing about download

Its application benefits health care, and the Health Department of Gujarat created the program. The purpose of the download is to provide necessary help to the person at risk. With this app, the health workers give timely treatment to the beneficiary. The most notable thing about this app is that anyone can download it on mobile as it is a web and mobile application. The person who logged into the app can get relevant health tips for their current health condition; pregnant women get healthy diet tips from the health workers at an appropriate time.  

How to create a tech+download?

It can be downloaded by anyone on an Android or an iPhone and can be installed. After the appropriate security verification, one can create an account in associated with tech+Id in the system. The person logged in will get timely health tips relevant to the current health condition. 


The teho+download app is beneficial for those who seek immediate treatment or health tips. The essential factor of this app is that the beneficiary can also interact through video in various languages like Hindi, English, and Gujarati. The health workers give mental, emotional, diet, and fitness-related tips that are easy to understand.